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About Me


I see clothing as so much more than what covers you up. It tells the world who you are. It reveals your personality. The things you enjoy doing. Even the places you have been.

What do I want the clothes I wear to say about me?

I'm Bailey Eschle. I was born just outside of the Dallas/Fort Worth area and grew up in the town of Argyle, Texas. Always the adventurous one in my tight-knit family, I was bitten early by the travel bug. My passion for seeing the world even led me to a study-abroad program in China.

In high school, simply being involved in the classroom was never enough. I cheered, I ran cross-country, and even scored a few points on the basketball court. At the University of Arkansas, I quickly found a sense of family through my sisters at Phi Mu Sorority. I made life-long friends, and loved my time there, but as they say, home is where the heart is.

That’s why I moved back to the DFW area to attend Texas Christian University. One thing that followed me to TCU was my love for Phi Mu and helping my classmates find a chapter where they could truly belong. Since Phi Mu didn’t have a charter at TCU, it was an honor to help establish the new chapter while serving as Chapter President in it’s first year on campus.

At TCU, as on most campuses, team colors are boasted everywhere. Walk into the TCU tailgating lot and you’ll instantly be engulfed in a sea of purple. Unfortunately for me and so many of my friends, finding a stylish game-day outfit to match was a challenge. On campus, there was no shortage of tee shirts and tank tops, but outfits allowing a girl to express her individuality and uniqueness in school colors were hard to come by.

That’s why I decided to take things into my own hands.

I created Bailey Nicole to give girls from high school, to college, to the beginning of their careers a place where they can find clothes for any occasion. An outfit they can feel confident, beautiful, and inspired in.

Bailey Nicole is all about self-expression. It’s a place you can find everything from campus wear to runway inspired fashion, all at affordable prices.

When you shop with me, my promise to you is this: I will always be your strongest advocate in finding the look that is right for you.