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Stand Out During Rush

How to make an impression during sorority rush

Sorority recruitment week is a whirlwind time. From the meet-n-greets, to the interviews, to the theme days and charity outings to all the events and parties – there is so much to take in and experience. And if all goes as planned, it’s the start of a lifetime of sisterhood and memorable moments with new friends.

But before you are able to don that lettered t-shirt for good, there is a lot that goes into recruitment time. Following are some ways to help you get prepped and present your best self during sorority recruitment.

Be prepared

Just as if you were going to a job interview, sorority recruitment time calls for a lot of preparation work. Recruitment committees want to know you understand the unique history and culture of their specific sorority and care about the same causes they do.

Be sure you do your homework and read up on the sorority’s history, its founding members and any significant milestones that matter to them. Also mention any legacy affiliations you have with the chapter or sorority, such as family or friends that are current or past members.

Show a Positive Attitude

During my time as Chapter President, I would stand outside the house with the Recruitment Chair and greet all the PNMs that entered by name. Those that would come in with big smiles and positive attitudes made me, as President, so excited about the day and meeting them specifically. The Recruitment Chair and I would go around and make sure we welcomed the girls that really stood out to us with their positive attitudes or amazing outfits.

Be sure as an incoming PNM, you take advantage of this time to make a great first impression. Coming in with a positive attitude could allow you the opportunity to meet the President or Recruitment Chair – not something all PNMs get the chance to do!

But recruitment is a hard and emotional process, so your positive attitude must stay through the long haul. It’s easy to maintain a positive attitude on the first round before any releases have been made. It’s harder when you find yourself released from a house (be prepared, because it most likely will happen). When it happened to me, I was definitely upset, and it’s okay to be. But it’s important to take what happens and turn it into a positive experience. After all, you are one step closer to finding your sorority home!

Talk Academics

Sororities are—after all—part of college campuses, so academics should always be a priority for any PNM. Show your commitment to your studies by discussing some of your achievements in school, any leadership roles you’ve held, or school programs you were a part of.

Share what your goals are for a career and other community programs that you are – or would like to be – involved with. A person who seems grounded in academic priorities and shows she is taking charge of her future is someone most sororities will want to invite in.

Dress to Impress

One motto I live by when it comes to fashion is: “It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed,” and this most definitely applies to recruitment. Typically, schools send you an information packet or post online what to wear. This is a helpful guide, but from my experience at two different schools, people dress much nicer than what the guide indicates.

For example, at a lot of schools, they say for round 1 to wear tennis shoes, athletic shorts, etc., but no one actually does. Instead, recruits opt for cute but comfortable shorts, a fun tee shirt or tank, and cool sandals or flats. They dress to impress.

Read more about how to dress for each day in this article.

Ask Meaningful Questions

While you are looking for a sorority that aligns with your personality and values, the sorority is doing the same with you. During my time as Chapter President, the Recruitment Chair and I really encouraged our members to ask thought-provoking questions that allowed us to get to know the PNMs. Just as sororities are digging deep to find out which PNMs are the perfect fit for their Chapter, you should do the same!

Be sure to have preset questions ready to ask. Not only does this allow you to get to know the Chapter and members you are talking to, but also prepares you in case there are any awkward pauses. Asking these questions also impresses the sorority members, because it shows you are taking the process seriously and want to get to know them and their Chapter.

Here are some examples of questions to ask:

  • What is your favorite thing about your Chapter?
  • How does your Chapter give back to the community/philanthropy?
  • What do you look for in a friend?
  • What is your favorite memory with your sorority sisters?
  • What are your Chapter meetings like?

Above All, Be Yourself

Out of everything, this is by far the most important thing you can take away from this blog! I have seen so many girls come in to rush, pretending to be what they think the sorority is looking for in new members, and it never works out. Sometimes they get released, but mostly I see them get into a sorority and end up hating it because they don’t fit in or click with their new sisters.

Be confident and be true to yourself – and your potential new sisters – and this will help you find the sorority that is right for you. And by taking a little time to prepare before rush week, you can go into recruitment confident that you are putting your best self forward, ready to find new friends and your home away from home!