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Spring Fashion Forward

The Top Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from the Runway

From New York to London to Milan, Spring Fashion has definitely sprung, and the runways have been ablaze with the latest trends.

Unless you are lucky enough to immerse yourself in the fashion scene of these iconic cities, you will likely have to read up on the latest trends and see what has caught on for women’s wear in the U.S.

Luckily for you, we’ve consolidated some of the top trends from around the world, and brought them to you here.

A Fresh Look at Spring 2018 Fashion Trends

For this season, here are a few of the latest trends that will have your wardrobe looking spring fresh right now (and we have the collections to help!)

Lighthouse Top for Spring

Americana the Beautiful

The American dream is alive and well…and ready to present itself in your wardrobe too! This Americana theme has made its way into interior design and décor, homemade crafts as well as fashion. Thankfully, the look has segued from the typical stars and stripes to the more classic striped patterns.

Here, some of our collections like the Lighthouse Top or the Oceana Romper offer that look in a fresh, fun way.

Pair these with bold, red earrings to truly go red, white and blue!

Haute Denim is Hot

Paisley Top - Spring FashionDenim is always “haute”, and this year is no exception. What changes is how it’s worn, and what it is paired with.

In year’s past, denim was always a way to go casual and cool, but the runways showed us that denim can be a component of elegant, high style as well. At Bailey Nicole, we love denim fashions that can be dressed up or down, and look great either way.

Here, our Memorie Short looks just as good with the dressier Paisely Top as it would with our tees.

Tequila Sunrise Romper - Spring Fashion

Future so Bright

When it comes to the preferred spring 2018 fashion trends palette, there is no neutral ground. The New York runways beamed with bright, saturated hues through and through.

In our own collection, we saw this season as a great time to get your color on. Whether with the gorgeous backless Tequila Sunrise Romper, or the hot hues in the Summer Sizzle Top – we’ve got plenty of color to play with this spring.

Leighton Skirt - Spring Fashion

A Floral Affair

Florals continue to reign supreme with the spring 2018 fashion trends. We’re especially delighted to see the bouquet of options and the various ways these fresh prints present themselves.

Large florals play a leading role in designs like our Tiffany Romper and our Briley Top. But we also see accented florals play a part in collections like our Leighton Skirt or Havana Nights short.  For a more jungle feel, check out the Finding Paradise or To the Tropics tops.

Ansley Crop Top - Spring Fashion

Power of Pastels

Contrary to New York’s vibrant hues, the look on the London runways took a turn toward pastels. But this year’s pastels are not for the faint of fashion, as they are punctuated in romantic shades and more dusty tones.

From the fresh and sexy Sunshine Top to the subtle rose tones of the Ansley crop top, pastels play a big part in Bailey Nicole’s own palette as well.

Beaded Earrings - Spring Fashion

Beyond the Fringe

A little fringe can go a long way, but done just right, you have a fashion element that can be shaken from dusk till dawn. Fringe was seen on skirt hems or as a sleeve accent on the runways, and was also heavily used in accessories such as bags.

In our own collection, our Pretty in Pink and Beaded Beauty earrings bring some fringe benefits to any outfit!

Looking for your own spring fashion ideas? Get shopping today for your own trend-worth wear!