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Plan Your Rush Attire

Planning your outfits during rush week
Sorority recruitment carries its own set of worries and anxiety. Don’t let your wardrobe be one of them! Be sure you are well prepared for rush week by taking time in the summer to plan your recruitment week – from your verbal presentation to your outward presentation (i.e. your clothes).
Here are a few tips to help get you started on planning your outfits for rush week:

Plan Ahead

The recruitment process starts with more informal days and leads to more dressy days as the week progresses. Be sure to study the recruitment schedule so you can plan your outfits ahead accordingly. If you have a friend or family member in a sorority, don’t hesitate to ask them for help on what is expected of you at each event.

Ideally, you should try on all your outfits in advance and plan for a couple of backups. Make sure you try on all your shoes as well to ensure that you are comfortable walking and standing for extended periods of time while wearing them.

Tip:  Bring a sweater and umbrella in case the weather changes, and pack a cute pair of flip flops or flats to walk in between house tours. You will be doing a lot of walking!

Be Classy

While I think you can never go wrong by dressing classy, I cannot stress enough how important this is during the recruitment process. During recruitment, you should always dress to impress women - not men. This means nothing too short or low cut! After all, you don’t want the sorority woman recruiting you to be surprised or distracted by anything you are wearing (in a negative way).

Also make sure your clothing doesn’t fit too tight. Not only does this make your clothes hang poorly on your body, but it will be uncomfortable for you throughout the day. Slightly body hugging is okay, but remember, classic lines and cuts that work with your body type are best.

Classy also extends to how you present yourself. Be polite, positive and authentic when you are meeting with people. Never be negative about other groups or people, even during down time – you never know who may be listening!

Show your personality

When I went through recruitment at the University of Arkansas, we were given different T-shirts to wear every day except on preference night. In preparation for not knowing the colors or designs of the shirts in advance, I bought the same solid pair of nice, modest shorts in every color. While this made it very easy to pair, it didn’t show my personality.

You’ll find that a lot of girls will end up looking very similar in an effort to plan for the unknown. While being conservative with how you pair your outfits is always safe – be sure you bring in some element that shows your personality. This could be with your accessories or mixing in a unique print.

In my case, when I saw every other girl wearing the same white shorts as me, I asked my Rho Gam (a sorority woman who is unaffiliated with her chapter and guides you through recruitment) if I could run back to my dorm to change. I put on a fun patterned wrap skirt that I thought better showed my fun personality. I had so many sorority women tell me how cute I looked and that my outfit really stood out. I only wish I had done that from day 1!

Take a Risk

Even if you are a more conservative person and prefer a more understated tone in your clothing – try to use sorority recruitment week as a time to take a few risks, and wear something that will help you be memorable.

It could be something as simple as a bold or colorful pair of earrings, or a unique belt with its own story to tell. Or take a trip to the salon and have your hair done with a new ‘do or highlights.

And if you’re not sure, ask a few friends to help you pull a bolder look together for you, but one that is still true to your nature.

Better yet, contact me, and I’ll be happy to help you pair the perfect outfits for your special week!